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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Current Events For The Williams'

We have a family tradition that we have done for the past 4 years to go to the IMAX to watch "Polar Express" in 3D. If you have not seen it at the IMAX you need to, it is magical. It is the only movie that my kids will sit through in the movie theatre. We had a blast.

Our Adam's Family Party...

A four generation picture.

We tried to get pictures with grandma but the kids had other ideas.

We went with our friends Jason and Natalie to their family cabin. It was so fun we love it up there and Justin insists that we get a white Christmas every year. So it was nice to have the kids play in the snow. Syndel was so upset when we were coming home that she couldn't see the snow on the side of the road anymore. She wanted to go back.

Whats a snow trip with out a snow man. The kids had a blast making this.

We got caught in the midde of a big snow storm this is just after one night.

Natalie getting in touch with her inner child.

Presenting the young members of the Polar Bear Club.

AHHH!!! A warm bath after a long day of sledding

Look at those frozen cheeks.

This is Jason making some sweet jumps for all of the kids.

Nicholas loved sledding but he loved eating the snow to. I just had to make sure it was not yellow.

Here is my extreme sports chick!!! Syndel went up and down this hill like 50+ times. She was out in the snow for hours. She didn't even want to wear her hat because she said that she was to hot.

I tried going down with Nicholas but the sled kept turning and I couldn't control it. But we had fun.

Syndel loves giving thumbs up...

On our way home the weather was so bad we couldn't see vary far ahead. It snowed and then rained the whole way home.

We had Cyrus' baby blessing on Dec. 7th it was a wonderful day. We had all of the family there and Justin gave a wonderful blessing. After the blessing we had everyone over for a luncheon. We had a lot of fun with everyone and were so grateful for all of the help.
Proud Momma and Papa

Proud Grandparents...

No complaints here on the food!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Captured Miracles Fund Raising Exhibit

Child of God

Come Follow Me

From My Heart To Yours

Haven's Gift

All Of My Updates I am Really Behind!!!!

Great Grandparents

Kenyon came over to see the baby and all Saylor wanted to do is hold Cyrus it was so cute she is such a good little mommy!!!

I was blessed with a little mommy as well. Syndel loves helping with the baby.

This kinda show what a crazy month we have had. Xander fell off the couch and sprained his ankle. We took him to the emergency room because we didn't know if it was broken and fortunately it was only a sprain.

Ok, so the kids were out side and I went out to check on them and Xander was just hanging upside down like this and he was having fun. I was cracking up he is always doing the craziest things.

Bath time with Cyrus

So we thought it would be fun to carve a pumpkin this year. Well the kids liked the idea at first but then they decided they just wanted me to do the whole thing. None of them would put their hand in the pumpkin but I made them do it once Syndel didn't freak out but Nicholas, Oh boy. Any way they liked drawing on the pumpkin because they didn't want to carve it either, so that was fun!!!

Nicholas crying because I made him put his hand in the pumpkin, he didn't like the way it felt so he freaked out

Syndeling crying because Nicholas kept drawing on her side of the pumpkin

Syndel's bat drawing

So since I ended up having the baby a week early we didn't have a chance to get my youngest his costume. I had plan on going shopping with my friend to get a costume for him since he was the only one that didn't have one but I went in to labor the day before. So Justin and I got creative and we dressed him up as "Thing One" and since we had a little boy I just put on the back of his shirt that "Thing Two was at home". I thought it was cute.

To the songs that make you smile!!!